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The Lindbergh Foundation is actively seeking ways to ensure that the benefits of aviation can be provided into the future without damage to the natural environment. ForeverFlight is a program to incentivize the development of technologies that will accelerate decarbonization in aviation.
The aviation industry’s efforts towards carbon reduction today are based principally upon two essential elements: carbon offsets and low net-carbon sustainable aviation fuels. ForeverFlight will build on these trends and aim to achieve net zero carbon and then true zero carbon using the following approaches.
Net Zero
The Lindbergh Foundation in partnership with the XPRIZE Foundation is creating an Atmospheric Carbon Reduction XPRIZE. This is a global prize effort aimed at reducing the cost of directly removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It will have the twin effect of increasing the rate of reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide and lowering the cost of carbon reduction, turbocharging existing offset schemes.
True Zero
An even more challenging goal is enabling flight that actually emits no carbon dioxide. The energy and weight requirements for powered flight make zero carbon flight one of the most technically challenging domains in the quest to achieve a sustainable future.
The next element of the ForeverFlight program is the advancement of zero carbon fuels for aviation. This includes incentivizing the development of systems suitable for aviation that use non-carbon combustion fuels or reagents for fuel cells that do not involve the release of carbon dioxide.
Developing zero carbon fuel for flight requires an overall systems approach including not only fuels, but design of engines, propellant storage, integration of storage and airframe and ground production, transport and storage infrastructure. The rewards for accelerating advancements in this area go far beyond aerospace.
ForeverFlight will continue to push boundaries in its quest for decarbonization in aviation. Contact us to discuss how you can be a part of this transformational program.
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